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Aloe striatula (1)

Aloe striatula

Basuto Kraal Aloe (english)


Genus Aloe
Specie striatula
SA Plant Number
Basionym Aloe striatula

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Aloe striatula is a very hardy, robust, shrub-like, scrambling Aloe that has attractive, smooth, glossy, dark-green, curved leaves, carried on sturdy stems.

The spikes of flowers are bright-yellow or orange on unbranched, flowering stems. It flowers from November to March and attracts insects and Sunbirds to the garden.

An excellent plant for an exclusion zone of a bird garden or planted as a hedge.

This Aloe can tolerate extremely low temperatures.It will grow in sun or semi-shade.

Size: 7 to 1m


Good nectar plant:
its flowers attract Sunbirds and insects to the garden


Landscaping plant:
it is a good foam plant when planted in full sun or semi-shade


Eastern Cape

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