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5 of our best small garden ideas with indigenous plants of South Africa

Create a beautiful small garden, using indigenous plants of South Africa. Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery constantly inspires with new display gardens, and this time we have presented no less than five beautiful small gardens ideas.

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Drought tolerant landscaping & garden designs with indigenous plants

An arid garden uses drought tolerant plants or desert plants when landscaping in an environment that receives very little rainfall, intense sunlight, and experiences fluctuating temperatures.

Indigenous South African water wise plants lend themselves well to arid garden design.

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Best Mothers Day Gifts Ideas from Random Harvest Indigenous Nursery

“When is Mothers Day in South Africa, 2017?” you ask. It is just around the corner…Sunday, the 14th of May!

If you haven’t already got Mom the best gift ever to shower her with love on Mothering Sunday, Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery has the best Mothers’ Day gift ideas to help you.

From as little as under R50 to what ever your budget may allow, our shop and plant nursery can help you pick out perfect Mothers’ Day Gifts. We have such cool stuff for Moms, I can’t wait to show you what you can choose from.

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Carpenter Bee Buzz Pollinates at Random Harvest Plant Nursery

At Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery there are almost as many different kinds of insect and bird pollinators as there are plants.

South African indigenous plants have developed very interesting pollination mechanisms, including buzz pollination. This is to make sure that they are counted amongst our country’s rich biodiversity.

Schlerochiton kirkii is one such plant.

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Bird List and 5 Tips for Bird Watching at Random Harvest Farm

Over 156 species of South African birds live here or visit Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery, but sometimes they’re so difficult to spot!

We love these 5 helpful bird watching tips from an expert birder:

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How to create a Highveld Garden with Locally Indigenous Plants

Creating a landscaped garden with locally indigenous plants from the South African Highveld is a great way to garden sustainably.

Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery has designed and installed a small Highveld Garden, using plants that we stock.

This garden shows that one can create a beautiful outdoor space in an environmentally sustainable way.  

By using locally occurring plants, inputs such as pesticides, fertilizer, and excessive water are not necessary.

Using locally occurring plant species also ensures that your garden will be buzzing with a diversity of healthy insects, birds and other wildlife that depend on these plants to survive.

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Random Harvest Nursery announced as Supplier of the Year by SALI

At their Gauteng year end function, SALI (South African Landscapers Institute) announced to our overjoyed Wholesale Sales team that  Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery had been selected by them as Supplier of the Year. What an honour!

We stock over 800 species of South African flowering plants, and the wholesale nursery team (Jeffrey, Sydney, Refilwe and Meshack) are well equipped to help you choose plants that are suitable and suggest replacements for exotics or those not available on your list. 

You can contact Refilwe in the office on 082 553 0791 for quotations.  Should you not have bought from us before, please do pop in and introduce yourself, and spend time looking at our inspiration gardens that showcase some of our South African plants for sale.

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Seven Steps on How to get a Beautiful Lawn this Spring.

A good garden design will see your indigenous garden looking beautiful through all the seasons.

But our lawns often suffer and don’t look their best by the end of winter.  I have had many customers at Random Harvest Indigenous Nursery asking for spring gardening advice, particularly on how to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn in time for summer.

Here are seven steps to a beautiful lawn. On the Highveld, mid-August through September is a good time to nurture your lawn.

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The First Day of Spring in South Africa

Happy First Day of Spring! Come and soak up the splendour that explodes from the nursery at this time of year.

With such an amazing diversity of plants indigenous to South Africa, we are truly spoilt for choice.

Spring has greeted us dramatically at Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery this year.

The lovely cold snap of weather at the end of winter has emphasised the welcome warm sunshine of the beginning of spring.

I love this time of year, and particularly here on the Highveld, we see a marked change with many plants coming into bloom as a stark contrast to the beautiful but browner colours of winter.

Here are some interesting facts for you on this first day of spring.

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10 Great South African Indigenous Plants for Children's Gardens

Not many people seem to know that South African Indigenous plants provide the most wonderfully rich gardening experience for children.

Getting into the garden with your child can be a daunting experience if you don’t know much about plants. That's why we thought we'd suggest ten of our favourites for children, from Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery.

Children benefit greatly from gardening. It provides endless multi-sensory learning. Whether you have a large landscaped garden or are confined to container gardening, the five senses (touch, sound, sight, smell and taste) can all be employed by choosing indigenous plants. The added benefit is that you create habitat for wildlife in your garden - providing yet more opportunities for discovering the wonders of nature.

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    Hi Gill, Thanks for your enquiry. The retail price is R39 per plant, excluding any shipping costs....

    -- Heather Balcomb

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