Farm Stall & Gift Shop

Our little farm and gift shop is cute, quirky and interesting.

We stock a wide selection of items that are carefully chosen for their good quality, and many items are made by community upliftment projects.

Spend some time browsing and discovering some of the items that we stock:

  • Home made jams and relishes
  • Home-baked eats (pre-ordered)
  • Cards, gift cards and gift vouchers
  • Bird food and bird feeding products
  • A range of nature books
  • Gardener’s hand creams, skin creams & natural skin care products
  • Gardener’s gloves
  • Hand sewn items
  • Craft kits
  • Hand painted magnets and wall hangings by Wiepke Beaumont
  • Range of environmentally friendly pestcides / garden cures.

The shop is set out in an open plan manner, so tea garden customers can browse while waiting for their food.

Many guests that overnight in our guest cottages love to buy that perfect little gift to take back for friends and family…and there is such an array of items to choose from.

We are happy to package delicate items for you, for ease of transportation.

We produce beautifully packaged, natural wedding favours, such as saplings or succulents in pots, seeds for butterfly gardens or grasslands garden seed gift packs.  Please contact us for more information.


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