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Spring is in the Air

Maybe it was just a long, lonely COVID-19 winter or I am the eternal optimist, but I think Spring is in the air. Or if it is not, it is a good time to start thinking about it. And now I am talking on behalf of your garden.

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Landscaping viewed from a Covid-19 perspective

By this time, we are all painfully aware (emotionally and financially) of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. None of us really foresaw the consequences – initially I thought it is only another flu strain. But when it hit the world, including South Africa, it was painful and with long-term implicit consequences that we cannot even imagine at this stage.

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Ecological Intelligence

Ecological intelligence refers to our ability to understand the processes that occur in nature and our affirmative response to these processes.

That includes our impact on natural resources. In order to understand these processes, we firs have to understand ourselves.

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The “Wildflower Wholesale Nursery” Database

The main aim of the database, created for the Wildflower Wholesale Nursery website, was to collect searchable information about suitable plants for landscaping that occur or are adapted to the Highveld. Currently the database consist of about 900 plant species.

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Inherent in the previous topic Go with the Flow”, is the concept of low maintenance. Although many of you are already familiar with the topic I think it is worth highlighting some points in this regard none the less. I think that low maintenance gardening is something we should all aspire to.

The concept of low maintenance is very closely linked to water, and as we all know, water is becoming a great concern globally.

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Before we can discuss this topic, let us just look at the concept “ecology”. It simply refers to the interaction and interdependence of all the aspects that play a role in environmental health. Obviously, it refers to plants, but also to soil, temperature, moisture and of course the birds and the bees that visit and use it. These components interactions form a very special environment called a “niche”. For instance, a shady spot, a rockery and a damp spot could all have the same components but the type of plants and the wildlife can differ substantially amongst the different niches.

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Since soil is the most difficult to manipulate of all ecosystem parameters required for optimum plant growth, we deliberately identified this topic as the point of departure.
It was also crucial to highlight the concept that soil is an ecosystem in its own right and must be treated as such.

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Soil is WHAT?

The secret to a resilient garden is to put the right plant in the right place. Simple, isn’t it? But the right place has a few aspects that we will elaborate on in the next few newsletters. Bear with me, it might save you thousands of Rands in the near future. The most obvious place to start is the soil.

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If the Bees go, We go

Has a new mass extinction of life on earth already started? After all, it has already happened five times! To answer the question we need to step back and recap some of the earth’s history as related to life.

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Grassland Gardens: An award-winning case study

Due to a greater sensitivity to our environment as well as the realization that water use for landscaping purposes will probably become more restricted in the near future.

Many landscapers have started to change their landscapes to be more representative of local plant diversity that is also adopted to local water availability.

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