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Welcome to the latest Random Harvest website project

We'll be adding the entire Random Harvest Indigenous Nursery catalogue of South African Indigenous Plants as quickly as possible, but since we want to get the detail on each plant absolutely right, we'll spend as long as it takes to do so.

We have started with our South African Trees.

Since we are going to be introducing the plants gradually, please come back to see our progress.

Please feel free to send comments and suggestions to us.

South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

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  • Acacia brevispica

    Acacia brevispica
    Prickly Thorn, Dorinkiedoring, Umthathawe

    Acacia brevispica is a hardy, semi-deciduous, robust, prickly, scrambling Acacia that can be trained into a large beauti... View Plant Details

  • Acacia burkei

    Acacia burkei
    Swartapiesdoring, Black Monkey Thorn, Mokgwa, Umkhaya

    Acacia burkei is a hardy, deciduous, medium sized Acacia that has attractive, large round leaflets. Spikes of white fl... View Plant Details

  • Acacia caffra

    Acacia caffra
    Gewone Haakdoring, Common Hook Thorn, Morutlhare, Muvunda-mbado, Umtholo

    Acacia caffra is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, graceful tree with feathery foliage that gives the tree a w... View Plant Details

  • Acacia davyi

    Acacia davyi
    Kurkbasdoring, Muunga, Isikhwishi, Corky-barked thorn

    Acacia davyi is a hardy, drought resistant, deciduous, small Acacia with distinctive yellow or light brown, corky bark o... View Plant Details

  • Acacia galpinii

    Acacia galpinii
    Apiesdoring, Monkey-Thorn, Mokgapa

    Acacia galpinii is a very hardy fairly fast growing, deciduous thorn tree and is one of the largest of the Acacias. It ... View Plant Details

  • Acacia karroo

    Acacia karroo
    Soetdoring, Sweet Thorn, Muunga, Mooka, Umunga

    Acacia karroo is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, fast growing and drought resistant tree. Abundant, fragrant, yellow, pu... View Plant Details

  • Acacia mellifera

    Acacia mellifera
    Swarthaak, Black Thorn, Mongana, Monganga-tau

    Acacia mellifera is very drought resistant, hardy, thickset, deciduous Acacia with vicious, hook thorns. The bark is pu... View Plant Details

  • Acacia rehmanniana

    Acacia rehmanniana
    Sydoring, Silky Thorn, Mogaba, Musivhisha

    Acacia rehmanniana is a hardy, drought resistant, semi-deciduous Acacia with small, attractive grey-green, velvety leav... View Plant Details

  • Acacia sieberiana woodii

    Acacia sieberiana woodii
    Papierbasdoring, Paperbark Thorn, Mokha, Musaunga, Umkhamba, Mokgaba

    The Acacia sieberiana woodii is a hardy (protect from frost when young) large, semi-deciduous, flat-topped Acacia is fas... View Plant Details

  • Acacia tortilis

    Acacia tortilis
    Haak-En-Steek, Umbrella Thorn, Muunga-khanga, Mosu, Umsasane

    Acacia tortilis is a hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, slow growing umbrella-shaped Acacia. It bears abundant, fragr... View Plant Details

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