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Ruspolia hypocrateriformis

Ruspolia hypocrateriformis

Red Ruspolia (english)


Genus Ruspolia
Specie hypocrateriformis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Ruspolia hypocrateriformis

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Ruspolia hypocrateriformis is a fairly hardy, evergreen, scrambling woody shrub with bright green foliage.

The spikes of showy pink to red flowers with darker spots on their lower petals are borne at the tips of new growth throughout summer and into autumn. Butterflies are attracted to the garden by the large amount of nectar that these flowers produce. The flowers are followed by a dry capsule which splits with a loud crack to release the seed within.

Makes an interesting garden subject as a shrub and is said to make a good hedge.  It is not readily available in nurseries.

Plant in full sun or semi-shade, in fertile, well-drained, loamy soil

Size: 1m but can climb to about 4m


This is a good nectar plant for butterflies.




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