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Andrachne Ovalis

Valsbliksembos (afrikaans)
False Lightening Bush (english)
umbheza (zulu)
umgqata (xhosa)


Genus Andrachne
Specie Ovalis
SA Plant Number 305
Basionym Andrachne Ovalis

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Andrachne ovalis is a fairly hardy, deciduous shrub or small tree that has smooth, light grey bark and attractive dark-green leaves with bluish undersides.

It bears tiny clusters of white flowers in the axils of the leaves from November to March. The female flowers are larger and solitary. The attractive yellow fruits hang on long stalks below the branchlets.

A hedge planted around the house is said to protect against lightning. Used extensively as a medicinal plant.

Plant in shade or semi-shade in compost-rich soil. It tolerates poorly drained soils.

Size: 3 to 4m




Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal, E. Cape, W. Cape

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