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Ficus sycamorus fruit arising from branch

Ficus sycomorus

Sycomore Fig (english)
Sycomorusvy (afrikaans)
Motšhaba (tswana)
Muhuyu-lukuse (venda)
umNcongo (zulu)


Genus Ficus
Specie sycomorus
SA Plant Number 66
Basionym Ficus sycomorus

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Ficus sycomorus is a fairly hardy, medium to large spreading fig tree with a distinctive yellow stem that is often seen along riverbanks.

It has semi deciduous stiff variable leaves with a sandpapery feel.

The figs, which are inverted flowers, are borne on leafless, clustered branchlets arising on the stems and main branches of the tree from July to December, although some fruits can normally be found throughout the year.

They attract birds to the garden - both fruit and insect eaters - and in the wild monkeys, baboons, bush pigs and antelope relish the fruit.

It should only be planted where it has a lot of space. It also makes an attractive container plant.

Do not plant figs near walls, pools, pipes or paving. This tree has many medicinal and traditional uses.

Size 5 to 25m




Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal


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