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Catha edulis flower

Catha edulis

Khat (afrikaans)
Khat (english)
LuĆŁhadzi (venda)
Igqwaka (xhosa)
Umhlwazi (zulu)


Genus Catha
Specie edulis
SA Plant Number 404
Basionym Catha edulis

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Catha edulis is a small, hardy, fast-growing, evergreen to semi deciduous tree that has a lovely slender shape.

The glossy green leaves and young branches droop, giving the tree a graceful, weeping look. Masses of small creamy-white flowers are produced in clusters from January to November and attract a whole host of insects.

Plant singly in small spaces or group together for a forested feel. It makes an attractive container plant and is ideal for small spaces and townhouse gardens.

It is used medicinally to treat respiratory diseases. In North Africa the leaves are either brewed as tea or chewed as a stimulating narcotic drug.

Size 2 to 7m





Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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