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Mundulea sericea flower with insect pollinator

Mundulea serica

Cork Bush (english)
Kurkbos (afrikaans)
umsindandlovu (zulu)
mosetla-tlou (n. sotho)
ntsandzandlopfu (tswana)


Genus Mundulea
Specie serica
SA Plant Number 226
Basionym Mundulea serica

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Mundulea serica is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, decorative, large shrub that always stands out in its natural habitat of grassland and rock.

The fissured corky bark is a protection against fires which are frequent in its habitat. It has blue-grey leaves that are covered in silvery hairs giving the whole shrub a silvery look.

It has gorgeous, dense pendulous bunches of deep mauve, pea-shaped flowers from October to February that attract masses of birds coming to sip on the nectar as well as a myriad of insects. With its robust, neat shape and corky bark, it makes a good accent plant but needs well-drained soil.

It is host plant to two butterfly species. Traditionally used as a fish poison. The bark and roots have medicinal and magical qualities and crushed leaves are used to bleach hair. Lovely tree with non-aggressive roots for a small, sunny garden.




Limpopo, N. West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal


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