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Turraea floribunda fruit open

Turraea floribunda

Honeysuckle Tree (english)
Kanperfoelieboom (afrikaans)
Umadlozane (zulu)


Genus Turraea
Specie floribunda
SA Plant Number 296
Basionym Turraea floribunda

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Turraea floribunda is a hardy, small, deciduous tree with a rounded crown of olive-green leaves that have distinct herringbone design veins.
It drops its leaves in early spring and then the clusters of sweetly scented, large white flowers are borne in profusion along the bare stems (September to November).
The beautiful green and white Honeysuckle-type flowers adorning the tree are a sight to behold and the scent is divine.
The pretty red seeds are borne on large woody star-shaped pods.

It is an important host tree for butterflies and moths and attracts many sunbirds and seed eating birds to the garden.

This attractive tree is ideal for a small garden.
Plant in well-drained, compost rich soil. Grows best in full sun.

Size 3 to 5m


Butterfly Larval Host Plant:
Larvae of the Whitebarred Charaxes butterfly (Charaxes brutus natalensis) feed on the leaves of the Wild Honeysuckle Tree



KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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