Schrebera alata

Schrebera alata

Common Names

Wild Jasmine (english)
Wildejasmyn (afrikaans)
Mulingwi (venda)
Umshishane Wehlanzi (zulu)


Genus Schrebera
Specie alata
SA Plant Number 612
Basionym Schrebera alata


Schrebera alata is a fairly hardy, evergreen, scrambling shrub or small tree that branches low and has a sparse narrow crown. The dark green compound leaves have a winged main vein and are so glossy as to be almost mirror-like. Clusters of lovely scented waxy pink and white flowers with tufts of purplish hair are borne form October to February followed by pear-shaped capsules enclosing seeds with papery wings. The flowers attract tiny insects. Prune into a standard to create a very decorative tree for a semi-shade position. Lovely tree for a small garden where it can be planted in clusters to form a forest effect. Size 4 to 8m




Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal,  Eastern Cape

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