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Grow a Living Security Fence with Indigenous Plants

Security is an issue to all homeowners. Create an additional, living barrier that will soften the hard appearance of manmade security barriers, such as palisade fencing, prison-like electric fencing, razor wire and stark, high walls. This can be achieved by planting a living ‘Eco-fence’ of indigenous thorny plants that will beautify and soften our surroundings, create habitat for wildlife and simultaneously enhance our security.

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Create a Small Bird-Friendly Garden using Indigenous Plants

The best way to create a small bird friendly garden is simply to give the birds what they need… places to feed, nest, rest and breed.  If you design a garden around these requirements, using indigenous food-bearing plants, birds will flock to your garden.

Birds will visit even the smallest gardens, provided that these basic needs are catered for.  In other words, you need to create a great habitat (a place that can provide for all these needs).

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Recommended Indigenous Trees for Pools - Part Two

Imagine a peaceful poolside retreat, where indigenous trees effortlessly blend with the landscape, infusing your outdoor oasis with natural charm and distinct character. In this article, our team of indigenous plant experts from Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery will be your trusted guides, unveiling the perfect trees to enhance your poolside paradise.


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Recommended Indigenous Trees for Pools - Part Three

Nestled beneath the warm South African sun, where crystal-clear waters meet the beauty of the natural world, a hidden gem awaits discovery. Picture a serene poolside haven, where indigenous trees blend seamlessly with the environment, adding charm and character to your outdoor oasis. In this article, our indigenous plant experts from Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery will be your guides, helping you discover the perfect trees to plant around your pool. Get ready to explore the beauty, culture, and sustainability that these remarkable trees bring to your South African poolside paradise.

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