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A Beautiful African Tree - Easter Eco Fact 3

Acacia siberiana var. woodii - The Paperbark Thorn has been called the quintessential African tree. It is one of the many South African Indigenous tree species that has grown to full and magnificent proportions at Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery - please ask our staff to show you these beautiful trees. Its spreading, flat-topped crown presents a mass of white pom-pom florets which give off an amazing scent to a whole variety of insect pollinators.

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South African Indigenous Trees for Arbor Week 2015

I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are to live in this amazing country we call South Africa.  It is so rich in biodiversity and promise.

The indigenous trees, too, reflect this richness, and evoke the spirit of the place that their species originated from. For instance, when I look at the Acacia species, they are the quintessential African Savannah trees.

South Africa has some 1700 indigenous tree species, and each year 2 species are chosen as the tree of the year. This Arbor Week we tell you a bit more about the Trees of the Year for 2015.

They are the Forest Bushwillow (Combretum kraussii) and the Parsley Tree (Heteromorpha arborescens).

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