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5 of our best small garden ideas with indigenous plants of South Africa

Create a beautiful small garden, using indigenous plants of South Africa. Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery constantly inspires with new display gardens, and this time we have presented no less than five beautiful small gardens ideas.

Small garden ideas - Random Harvest Plant Nursery Johannesburg

We refer to these as “Cameo Gardens” because they are a brief summary of what one can create in a regular to large garden.

Find the indigenous plants for sale right next to the cameo garden that they are featured in. No need to waste time hunting around other plant nurseries in Johannesburg.

Small garden ideas - Random Harvest Plant Nursery Johannesburg

Here are our five best small garden design ideas for this summer.

1.A 3-Tier Planter with garden pots

Small garden ideas - Random Harvest Plant Nursery Johannesburg

Looking for patio ideas?

This is a great way to create patio décor that is simple and yet looks elegant. Three pots have been stacked on top of each other by using a support under the top two to elevate them. Place at least the bottom 10cm of the pot under the soil, to increase stability. You can use an inverted pot inside of each plant pot to create height for the next pot, or anything that is stable and does not decompose readily.

There needs to be sufficient soil in the bottom two pots to be able to plant easily, as well as the soil not drying out too quickly. Once planted, check regularly if the soil is moist enough for your plant choice.

This is also a great idea for small, difficult corners of the garden.

If one side of the pot receives much less sunlight than the other, choose hardy plants that will be well suited to the growing conditions right around the circumference of the pot.

2. Container Water Garden

Gardening ideas - Plant nursery Johannesburg

This is the perfect water feature for a balcony garden. Plug and seal a large plant pot to make it waterproof. Create platforms for plants in the water by stacking bricks to place them on, or you can also hang plants in the water over the edge of the pot with a shower caddy/ basket.

Plants that are not as thirsty / don’t require bog conditions can be planted in other pots around the central pot, at heights that enhance the look of the garden.

Add interest with driftwood, ornaments, rocks and pebbles. One can even add a dead branch for birds to perch on.

Consider floating a piece of wood near the edge of the pot so that insects that fall in can climb onto it, dry out and escape.

3. Romantic Formal Garden

Gardening ideas - Plant nursery Johannesburg

Siya’s inspiration for this garden was so lovely that we had to include it. He combined customer requests for indigenous plants to place in-between pavers and pretty indigenous climbers for fences and trellises, with a strong sense of formal design.

Create the illusion of space, by placing a mirror or a picture with good perspective in the back of the arch.

Long planters add to the strong structure of this garden. They can be filled with plants that echo or compliment the flower colour of the indigenous climbers used over the arch.

4. Tiny Forest Garden

Gardening ideas - Plant nursery Johannesburg

Create the tranquillity and restfulness of a forest in a small garden space. Limiting the number of species you choose will enhance this atmosphere.

Use small indigenous trees, or large shrubs pruned up to the shape of a tree. Always be mindful of the tree’s potential height and spread.

Adding rock lends an element of interest and a different energy in this space.

Choose an indigenous groundcover for shade or semi-shade, that is relatively low maintenance and that will not scramble over the rocks too much. One does not want to be constantly pruning it back to maintain the desired effect.

5. Indigenous Wildflower Meadow Garden

Gardening ideas - Plant nursery Johannesburg

Plants for this area require a lot of sun to look their best (5 to 6 hours of sun per day).

Whether a small or large patch of soil or a container, bear in mind how few grasses relative to flowering herbs and bulbs have been used. One wants the texture of the ornamental veld grass, but too much of it can drown out the colour of the meadow garden.

When planting, allow a bit of space for the plants to grow into. You can always add some rock and drift wood to cover open spaces and remove or move it as the plants get bigger.

Add plenty of mulch to the soil surface to keep the roots cool and the soil damp. It will also provide plenty of organic matter to encourage healthy soil microbes.

We hope you found inspiration from these five ideas for indigenous small gardens. If you did, please share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It helps us a lot.

For more information about our plant nursery or indigenous plants, please contact us.


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