Tricholaena monachne

Tricholaena monachne

Common Names

Blue Seed Grass (english)
Blousaadgras (afrikaans)


Genus Tricholaena
Species monachne
SA Plant Number
Basionym Tricholaena monachne


Tricholaena monachne is a hardy, sparsely tufted, evergreen to semi-deciduous, small perennial grass. The blue-grey, slender leaves give the grass a ‘smoky’ look. The blue grey flower spikes are held erect with plump, purple blue seeds held in an open panicle. They flower from Nov. to March. An attractive garden subject that will encourage seed-eating birds to visit the garden.

A beautiful addition to a grassland garden, and because of its sparseness and size it can be interplanted with perennials, bulbs and small shrubs to create a beautiful show. The seed heads are lovely in flower arrangements. As with all grasses, it should be cut back once a year and raked to remove the thatch.

Plant in sun or semi-shade in moist soil or in a normally irrigated garden.

Size: up to 50cm


Seed for birds:

Seed heads of the Blue Seed Grass attracts seed-eating birds to the garden

Forage and fodder plant:

In drier times, this grass becomes an important fodder plant for livestock and game.



Beautiful shorter grass for grassland gardens. Good grass for colour and textural contrast in the garden.

Cut Flower:

Flowering and seeding stems are beautiful in flower arrangements.


Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West Province, Northern Cape

Natural Habitat:

Open grassland, bushveld and in disturbed areas around habitation. Usually in drier, well drained soil.


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