Searsia nebulosa

Searsia nebulosa

Common Names

Coastal Currant (english)
Sand Taaibos, kustaaibos (afrikaans)


Genus Searsia
Species nebulosa
SA Plant Number 390.1
Basionym Searsia nebulosa


Searsia nebulosa (was Rhus nebulosa) is a hardy sprawling shrub that grows to about one meter or, if pruned, as a single stemmed small tree of up to three meters. It has pretty, glossy, trifoliate leaves. It bears lax sprays of small yellowish flowers that are visited by pollinating insects. They are followed by attractive, dense heads of red-brown seeds that are relished by birds. Male and female flowers on separate plants therefore only the females bear seeds.

Plant in well-drained soil in sun or semi-shade. It makes an attractive informal hedge or can be pruned into a small formal hedge.

Size 1 to 3m S.A. No. 390.1


Fruit for birds:

Fruit is relished by birds



Use as a large, informal hedge or can be pruned to create a neat, small, clipped hedge.


Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal

Natural Habitat:

Sandy Dune Scrub


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