Searsia leptodictya

Searsia leptodictya

Common Names

Mountain Karree (english)
Bergkarree (afrikaans)
Mushakaladza (venda)
Motšhotlwane (tswana)


Genus Searsia
Species leptodictya
SA Plant Number 387
Basionym Searsia leptodictya


Searsia (=Rhus) leptodictya is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, small, decorative tree with a drooping crown of bright green foliage. The bark on young stems is reddish brown, becoming darker and rougher as the tree matures. The lovely reddish wood is used to make beautiful small pieces of furniture.

The inconspicuous flowers (male and female flowers on separate plants, therefore only female plants bear fruit) are borne from January to April. These are followed by bunches of edible fruit which attract birds to the garden.

It grows in most soil types and makes a beautiful, graceful tree that is ideal for a small garden in sun or semi-shade. It is also beautiful as a small avenue tree.

A valuable fodder tree especially in times of drought.

Size 3 to 4m



This evergreen tree provides valuable fodder for both game and livestock when little else palatable is green in the veld.


Limpopo, North West Province, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State


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