Carissa macrocarpa Variegated Green Carpet

Carissa macrocarpa Variegated Green Carpet


Common Names

Amatungulu (english)
Dwerg Natalpruim (afrikaans)
amathungula (xhosa)
umthungulu (zulu)


Genus Carissa
Species macrocarpa
SA Plant Number
Basionym Carissa macrocarpa Variegated Green Carpet


Carissa macrocarpa Variegated Green Carpet is a hardy, evergreen, drought resistant, dense, spiny, dwarf spreading shrublet. This particular variety has leathery, striking dark green and yellow variegated, glossy leaves. It has beautiful, quite large, scented, white flowers and large edible red fruits on and off throughout the year.

It attracts butterflies and fruit-eating birds to the garden.

This versatile plant can be used to cover large areas or clipped into an attractive small formal hedge. It also looks great in a container. Erect shoots should be clipped to keep the dwarf habit.

Plant in shade, semi-shade or sun, in well-drained, well-composted soil.

Size: up to 40cm


Fruit for birds:

Fruit eating birds and monkeys relish the fruit.


  • Wonderful container subject.
  • Great plant for rockeries and retaining walls.
  • Clips very well into a small, neat box hedge.
  • Good groundcover that gives extra protective security layer outside of a boundary wall or fence.


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

coastal dunes, Coastal thicket, Forest margin


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