Geranium caffrum

Geranium caffrum

Common Names

Cranesbill (english)
Makorotsoane (sesotho)


Genus Geranium
Species caffrum
SA Plant Number
Basionym Geranium caffrum


Geranium caffrum is a very hardy, evergreen, fast-growing sprawling perennial plant that has beautiful, round leaves that are deeply cleft. The foliage is grey green, and it adds an attractive soft texture to the garden.

It bears masses of purple flowers with dark purple markings in spring and summer. It attracts insects and butterflies to the garden.

This plant is very versatile and does well planted on banks, in hanging baskets and containers.

Prune lightly after flowering. It is not fussy about soil conditions but will not tolerate wet soil. It is at its best in full sun.

Size: Up to 30cm


Insects and butterflies:

The flowers attracts insects and butterflies to the garden.



KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape


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