Podocarpus falcatus

Podocarpus falcatus


Common Names

Outeniqua Yellowwood (english)
Outeniekwageelhout (afrikaans)
Mufhanza (venda)
Umsonti (zulu)
Umkhoba (xhosa)


Genus Podocarpus
Species falcatus
SA Plant Number 16
Basionym Podocarpus falcatus


Podocarpus falcatus is a large, very hardy, evergreen forest tree. It is the fastest growing of the Yellowwoods.

The small leathery, narrow, dark green leaves are sometimes slightly sickle-shaped.They often have a greyish bloom to them, making this a beautiful foliage tree, particularly when the light catches the leaves and the grey-green forms "highlights" on parts of the canopy.

Mature trees have beautiful, dark purplish-brown and flaking bark. Male and female cones are found on separate plants.The female cones (September to May) develop into yellow fleshy fruits that take a year to ripen. These fruit are on the tree throughout the year, but mostly from December to January. Birds, bats and monkeys are attracted to the fruit.

This decorative tree grows fairly quickly in garden conditions in shade or semi-shade.

Makes a magnificent avenue tree. The timber is highly prized for furniture.

Size 10 to 45m


Wildlife garden plant:

Birds, bats and monkeys are attracted to the fruit.



Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Western Cape


Natural Habitat:

Evergreen Forest, Rugged Mountainsides



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