Ruschia macowanii

Ruschia macowanii


Common Names

Beach Tentfig (english)


Genus Ruschia
Species macowanii
SA Plant Number
Basionym Ruschia macowanii


Ruschia macowanii is a very hardy, small, evergreen succulent shrublet with small warty leaves. The slightly woody stems give it a weeping shape when cascading over rocks or the edge of a retaining wall. It is very drought tolerant.

It bears such massed flowers that one cannot see the leaves. These beautiful, glistening Fuchsia pink flowers with a dark stripe, adorn the plant from July to October. The flowers attract a whole host of insects which in turn attract wildlife to the garden. Plant a few together to maximize the show of flowers.

Use in terraces, rock gardens and mixed dry succulent bed. With its cascading habit it is beautiful in a container. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil and be careful not to overwater.

The common name is derived from the fact that these plants were used to thatch huts.

Size: 20 X 50cm



The flowers attract a whole host of insects which attracts wildlife to the garden.



These plants were used traditionally to thatch huts situated near or on the coast where they occurr naturally.


Western Cape

Natural Habitat:

Sandy areas near coast often on rocks, Rocky areas



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