Barleria elegans

Barleria elegans

Common Names

White Bushveld Barleria (english)
Wit bosviooltjie (afrikaans)


Genus Barleria
Species elegans
SA Plant Number
Basionym Barleria elegans


Barleria elegans is a hardy, evergreen small shrub with oval shaped, dark green leaves that are paler beneath. The reduced leaves are hardened and spiny-toothed. Flowers profusely in late summer and autumn (February to July) with clusters of pure white trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers attract butterflies and pollinating insects to the garden.

It is adaptable in the garden, making a good rockery subject and helps to stabilise the soil on embankments. Due to its thorny nature, it can form an effective barrier.

Prune back after flowering to keep in shape and ensure mass flowering the following year. Can tolerate a light frost. Plant in sun or semi-shade in well drained and well composted soil.

Size: up to 1m



The flowers attracts butterflies and other pollinating insects to the garden.


  • Good security hedge.
  • Stabilises banks in both sun and semi-shade.
  • Good small shrub for the sunny edge of a bushclump.


KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga


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