Phoenix reclinata

Phoenix reclinata

Common Names

Wild Date Palm (english)
Wildedadelboom (afrikaans)
Mutshevho (venda)
Mosêfa (tswana)
iSundu (zulu)


Genus Phoenix
Species reclinata
SA Plant Number 22
Basionym Phoenix reclinata


Phoenix reclinata is a very hardy, evergreen, palm with shiny, light to dark green, long arching leaves that become spiny close to the stem.  

The Palm Swift glues its nest to the fronds. It bears showy, creamy-white pollen-laden male flowers from August to October. (male and female flowers on separate plants).  Female flowers are yellowish.

The luminous orange-brown fruit are borne in large hanging zig-zagged branches during late summer. The ripe dates are edible and the sap is used to brew an intoxicating drink. 

This is a clump-forming palm that requires a lot of space and tolerates wet conditions.  It is a brilliant and almost impenetrable screen and security barrier.  Also an excellent windbreak.

It attracts birds and is the host plant to the Palm-tree Night Fighter butterfly. Traditionally it has many uses.

Size 3 to 6m



The host plant to the Palm-tree Night Fighter butterfly.


Landscape use:
An excellent security barrier, screen and windbreak. For large gardens.


Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal,  Eastern Cape


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