Dactyloctenium australe

Dactyloctenium australe


Common Names

Natal Crowfoot, Durban Grass, LM Grass, Berea Grass (english)
Natal-Hoenderspoor, Natalkweek (afrikaans)


Genus Dactyloctenium
Species australe
SA Plant Number
Basionym Dactyloctenium australe


Dactyloctenium australe is a hardy, evergreen, creeping, mat-forming grass that spreads by means of stolons. It is the most popular lawn grass in South Africa. The light green leaves mat well, resulting in this grass forming a good, dense lawn.

This grass gets its common name from the digitate inflorescence that resembles the upturned foot of a bird. Suitable as a stabilizer of sand and is palatable to game and livestock. Host plant of the Squinting Bush Brown butterfly.

It can be grown in semi-shade or full sun, on a wide variety of soil types.

Size: 30cm up to 50cm


Butterfly Host Plant:

Host to the Squinting Bush Brown butterfly larvae


Soil stabiliser:

A good sandy soil stabiliser in many different areas.


Popular indigenous lawn grass. Can be used effectively to create textural difference around trees, where it can be left to flower (not mowed) and will do well in the semi-shade.


Gauteng, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga

Natural Habitat:

Forest margin, Grassland, Medium to low altitudes, in mixed woodland and bushveld, sandy soil under trees, Valley Bushveld


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