Seemanaralia gerrardii

Seemanaralia gerrardii

Common Names


Genus Seemanaralia
Species gerrardii
SA Plant Number 567
Basionym Seemanaralia gerrardii


Seemanaralia gerrardii is a fairly hardy, evergreen, rugged looking tree that resembles a Cabbage Tree. The grey corky bark is somewhat resinous and cracks into squares as it matures. It has beautiful large Maple shaped leaves with pink petioles. The cluster of flower buds are red-brown and out of each bud pops a tiny, yellowish-green, star shaped flower (Mar. to Jun.).

Use as a striking, textural form plant in sun or semi shade. It looks particularly attractive planted amongst rocks.

This plant is endemic to South Africa and occurs in rocky ravines. The wood is used for carving.

Plant in sun or semi shade where it is protected from frost and do not overwater.

Size: to 20m





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