Acacia rehmanniana

Acacia rehmanniana

Common Names

Sydoring (afrikaans)
Silky Thorn (english)
Mogaba (tswana)
Musivhisha (venda)


Genus Acacia
Species rehmanniana
SA Plant Number 182
Basionym Acacia rehmanniana


Acacia rehmanniana (=Vachellia rehmanniana) is a hardy, drought resistant, semi-deciduous Acacia with small, attractive grey-green, velvety leaves.

The beautiful red bark on the young stems glows in the sunlight while the mature bark has dark brown rough strips with a red background.

Try to plant the tree where it either catches the rising or setting sun, when the glowing stems are a sight to behold. The white puffball flowers have a silvery sheen, and are grouped at the end of branches from November to February.

These are followed by clusters of lovely beige, woody pods that persist on the tree. It matures into a lovely flat-topped tree that can be used in medium sized gardens instead of Acacia sieberiana (Paper Bark Thorn).

This beautiful Acacia attracts birds, insects and butterflies besides making a wonderful garden plant.

Size 2 to 12m


Attracts birds, insects and butterflies.





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