Euphorbia ingens

Euphorbia ingens


Common Names

Giant Euphorbia, Common Tree Euphorbia (english)
Naboom, Gewone naboom (afrikaans)


Genus Euphorbia
Species ingens
SA Plant Number 351
Basionym Euphorbia ingens


Euphorbia ingens is a hardy, massive, tree-like succulent with a dense crown and a dark green stem. The branches have 4 wing-like angles with spines on the wing margins. The plant is shaped like a hot-air balloon. The yellow-green flowers are clustered around the spines from April to July and attract bees, butterflies and insects and are followed by reddish to purple fruit, which are relished by birds.

Birds will nest in this tree. Hole-nesting birds will nest in dead sections. This very drought-resistant tree makes a good container plant or accent plant in a succulent garden but must have well-drained soil.

Where the tree is damaged it will exude milky sap which is poisonous and can cause extreme skin irritation. This plant has many traditional and medicinal uses.

Plant in sun to semi-shade, in extremely well drained soil.

Size: up to 7,5m



Birds feed on the many insects that visit the flowers of this tree, and fruit eating birds eat the fleshy reddish brown fruit. They use it as a nesting site. Hole-nesting birds will nest in the dead branches of the Giant Euphorbia.



Excellent specimen plant or focal point in a rock or bushveld garden


Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

Rocky outcrops or in deep sand within bushveld vegetation


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