Rhigozum obovatum

Rhigozum obovatum

Common Names

Yellow Pomegranate, Karroo Gold, Karroo Rhigozum (english)
Geelberggranaat, Berggranaat (afrikaans)


Genus Rhigozum
Species obovatum
SA Plant Number 675
Basionym Rhigozum obovatum


Rhigozum obovatum is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, drought-resistant, twiggy, spiny shrub with small blue-green leaves. It bears brilliant, golden, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring or early summer, especially after rain. Depending on the rain it can flush on and off throughout summer.

Although the bush is quite dull-looking, it has an interesting structural shape and is spectacular when in flower during the summer months. It attracts bees and other insects to the garden when in flower and is browsed by cattle and game.

Plant in very well-drained soil in a sunny position. Although it can stand any amount of drought and neglect, water well in winter to achieve its maximum potential.

Size: 1 to 3m


Fodder plant:

Cattle and Game browse on Rhigozum obovatum



Free State, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape


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