Zantedeschia  Mixed Colours

Zantedeschia Mixed Colours

Common Names

Arum Lily, Calla Lily (english)


Genus Zantedeschia
SA Plant Number
Basionym Zantedeschia Mixed Colours


I bought these beautiful, colourful Arum (Calla)Lilies as mixed colours, so it is a lucky packet what colour you get. Zantedeschia hybrids are very hardy, deciduous Arum Lilies with arrow-shaped leaves that are often spotted. The leaves make striking cut foliage. It has one distinctive, white or cream, cone-shaped petal that can be bright yellow, orange, pink or maroon. This envelopes a central column which carries the tiny flowers and the yellow pollen. The flowers are borne from October to April and make a beautiful, dainty cut flower. The flowers develop into a dense mass of small, fleshy fruits that are relished by birds. Porcupine and pigs eat the underground tubers. The plant is used for medicinal and culinary purposes and the flowers are excellent cut flowers.

This popular garden plant is easy to grow and looks great in a cottage garden, in and around a pond or planted en masse under trees. It is also beautiful as a colourful container plant.

As this Arum Lily variety is water-loving, make sure it receives plenty of water and plant in compost-rich soil. Grows in sun or semi-shade.

Size: 30 to 60cm


Plants for bees:

Bees are strongly attracted to the pollen of Arum (Calla) Lilies



Versatile plant that looks breathtaking planted en masse or dotted amongst similar-height plants.



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