Barleria rotundifolia

Barleria rotundifolia

Common Names

Spiny Yellow Barleria, Thorny Bush Violet, Yellow Barleria (english)
Geelbarleria (afrikaans)


Genus Barleria
Species rotundifolia
SA Plant Number
Basionym Barleria rotundifolia


Barleria rotundifolia is a hardy, evergreen, fairly fast growing, rambling shrub that has a rounded shape. The spiny branches produce small, shiny green leaves. From December to March it produces yellow tubular flowers, with the four upper lobes of the flower separated from the lower lobe to form an open tube from which 2 stamens and the style protrude. The fruit is a small exploding capsule.

The nectar rich flowers attract pollinating insects (including many butterfly species) and therefore many insectivorous birds to the garden. The many spines make it an effective barrier plant for a security hedge. Plant in clumps in a shady flower bed under trees or in a sunny rockery. Plant in well-drained soil in full sun to semi-shade.

Size up to 1m


Wildlife Garden:

The nectar-rich flowers attract many pollinating insects, including butterflies, to the garden.



An effective barrier plant, either as a barrier hedge or as a spiny groundcover to keep foot traffic out of sensitive areas in the garden.




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