Olinia emarginata

Olinia emarginata

Common Names

Mountain Hard Pear (english)
Berghardepeer (afrikaans)
Uqudu (zulu)


Genus Olinia
Species emarginata
SA Plant Number 514
Basionym Olinia emarginata


Olinia emarginata is a very frost-hardy, evergreen small to medium sized tree that can grow into a huge tree in forest situations. It has gorgeous creamy white bark that flakes to reveal orange areas.

The small leaves form a dense, dark glossy green crown. The compact sprays of pink flowers are faintly scented and appear from October to January.

The fruits are dark pink to red drupes in dense clusters and are very decorative. Many species of fruit-eating birds relish the ripe fruits.

The size of the tree will vary from small in open areas to very large in a forest situation. Because of its dense crown, the Mountain Hard Pear is a good screening plant, as well as a windbreak. Makes a wonderful feature tree and container plant.

Plant in full sun and water well. As the roots are non-aggressive it can be used in a small garden.

Size 1 to 5m


Wildlife garden plant:

The fruit attract fruit eating birds to the garden.


Garden uses:
Extremely versatile, as beautiful in a container, as a specimen, screen or windbreak.  Ideal bonsai material as it resembles the fully grown form in a relatively short space of time.


Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal,  Free State, Eastern Cape

Along rivers and streams, Evergreen Forest, Forested Ravines


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