Dracaena mannii

Dracaena mannii

Common Names

Small-leaved dragon tree (english)


Genus Dracaena
Species mannii
SA Plant Number 30.8
Basionym Dracaena mannii


Dracaena mannii is a hardy, evergreen small to medium-sized tree with long, linear leaves that are clustered at the tips of the branches. This growth habit makes it a wonderful form plant.

In September and October, it bears spikes of sweetly scented, pure-white to cream flowers at the tips of the branches. The scented flowers open at night implying that they are moth pollinated. These are followed by large brown berries that, as they ripen, become bright-orange and then red.

This is another attractive feature of a stunning plant as is the white papery bark. Birds relish the seeds.They also make beautiful container plants.

Plant in shady areas in the garden to create some form.

Size: up to 5m


The round fleshy fruit of the Small leaved Dragon tree are relished by many fruit eating bird species in the garden.


Good form plant for shady areas of the garden


KwaZulu Natal


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