Searsia burchellii

Searsia burchellii


Common Names

Karroo Kuni-bush (english)
Karookoeniebos (afrikaans)
motshôtlhô (tswana)


Genus Searsia
Species burchellii
SA Plant Number 379
Basionym Searsia burchellii


Searsia [=Rhus] burchellii is a very hardy, evergreen, large shrub with dark-brown bark and small, glossy, waxy leaves. The foliage is beautiful and adds texture to the garden.

It flowers from February to April, with sprays of inconspicuous flowers. Male and female flowers are on separate plants, therefore only female plants bear fruit.

The flowers attract pollinating insects and therefore insectivorous birds to the garden. The flowers are followed by bunches of reddish-brown fruit. The flowers and fruit attract birds to the garden.

Use in an informal hedge, as a screen or as an element of a bush clump.If pruned into a standard it makes a lovely small tree.

This is a really tough, drought-resistant plant for full sun or semi-shade areas.

Size: up to 3m


Wildlife garden tree or shrub:
  • Flowers attract pollinating insects and insectivorous birds.
  • Fruit attracts frugivorous birds



Good container plant and branches lend themselves to hanging decorations for an indigenous Christmas tree.

Good screen plant and windbreak


Free State, Northern Cape, Western Cape

Natural Habitat:

Rocky hillsides in arid areas



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