Euclea natalensis capensis

Euclea natalensis capensis

Common Names

Natal Ebony (english)
Natalghwarrie (afrikaans)
motlhakola (tswana)
mutangule-thavha (venda)
iDungamuzi (zulu)


Genus Euclea
Species natalensis
SA Plant Number 597.1
Basionym Euclea natalensis capensis


Euclea natalensis subsp. capensis is a hardy, evergreen, very attractive shrub or small to medium sized tree (depending on where in grows). It has a dark, spreading crown of shiny, hard and leathery leaves with red undersides.

The strongly scented small, creamy white flowers are borne from August to March and are followed by edible round red to black fruit from March to December.

It attracts birds and insects to the garden. With its dense crown it makes a good screening plant and can be planted singly as a beautiful specimen tree.

It has many traditional, medicinal and magical uses. Twigs are used as toothbrushes.

It is a little slow growing and should be planted in sun or semi-shade.

Size: 3 to 10m


Wildlife gardening:

Attracts birds and insects to the garden


  • Excellent small specimen tree or large shrub.
  • A good choice for a screening hedge.


Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal


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