Grewia lasiocarpa

Grewia lasiocarpa

Common Names

Forest Raisin (english)
Bosrosyntjie (afrikaans)
umhlolo (xhosa)
ilayanthi (zulu)


Genus Grewia
Species lasiocarpa
SA Plant Number 461
Basionym Grewia lasiocarpa


Grewia lasiocarpa is a hardy, evergreen, large shrub or small tree with smooth, grey bark and dense foliage. The leaves are large, almost circular, rough-haired above, and densely covered with soft hairs below.

The attractive, large star-shaped pale pink flowers occur from January to March, followed by 4-lobed, furry, reddish fruit from March to July.

The fruit attracts birds and, in the wild, warthogs and baboons. These fruits may often remain on the tree for long periods, eventually turning black.

Although this plant tolerates most climates, it does best in areas of high rainfall. Plant in sun or semi-shade.

Size up to 3.5m



A diversity of wildlife is attracted by the fuit of this tree, from baboons and warthogs in the wild and many ni



Fruit is edible


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


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