Plectranthus chimanimaniensis

Plectranthus chimanimaniensis

Common Names

Chimanimani Spur Flower (english)


Genus Plectranthus
Species chimanimaniensis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Plectranthus chimanimaniensis


Plectranthus chimanimaniensis is a hardy, evergreen shrublet (protect the first winter) with small, semi-succulent, soft-textured and aromatic, dark-green leaves.

The numerous individual flowers are a delicate pink, with soft, pink wings that have a white lip. They are carried on strikingly long pink flower spikes which are borne in such abundance that they ensure that the flower-to-foliage ratio is particularly high. It appears that this gem is never out of flower, but is mainly in flower from spring to early winter.

Attracts butterflies and tiny insects to the garden. This is a useful garden and container plant.

Prune regularly. Tolerates light frost and drought. Plant it in compost-rich soil in full sun or semi-shade.

Size: up to 80cm


Insect food plant:

The pollen and nectar rich flowers attract many pollinating insects to the garden.



This is an exceptionally good container plant and bedding plant, as it tolerates a fair amount of sun as well as semi-shade and has a long flowering season.


Mount. Gorongosa & Chimanimani Mountains


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