Dovyalis longispina

Dovyalis longispina


Common Names

Natal Apricot (english)
Natalappelkoos (afrikaans)
umNyusa (zulu)
imQokolo (xhosa)


Genus Dovyalis
Species longispina
SA Plant Number 510
Basionym Dovyalis longispina


Dovyalis longispina is a hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous shrub or small to medium-sized tree with glossy, dark-green, roundish, shiny leaves. The new growth is red.

The small whitish-yellow flowers appear in clusters from August to October  Male and female flowers are on separate plants, therefore only female plants will bear fruit. The leaves drop during flowering but new leaves re-appear immediately.

The delicious, edible fruit is a beautiful pale red with white spots (they look a lot like strawberries).

The long, thin spines make this an ideal plant for a security hedge, but it is also an attractive garden plant. Attracts birds to the garden.

Plant in full sun or semi-shade in sandy or well-drained soil.

Size: 5 to 8m



An excellent tree for the wildlife garden. Birds are attracted by the fruit, as well as the many insects that visit the tree for the nectar and pollen when it is in flower.

Butterfly Host Plant:

The African Leopard Butterfly uses the Dovyalis genus as host plants to its larvae.


  • The formiddable spines make this a great addition to a security hedge.
  • An attractive form plant for the garden


KwaZulu Natal

Natural Habitat:
Dune forest, scrub forest and mixed scrub



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