Helichrysum crispum

Helichrysum crispum

Common Names

Mattress Everlasting (english)
Kooigoed (afrikaans)
imphepo (xhosa)


Genus Helichrysum
Species crispum
SA Plant Number
Basionym Helichrysum crispum


Helichrysum crispum is a hardy, evergreen, dense, very fast-growing, compact perennial with beautiful, small, dainty, silvery-grey velvety, rounded, aromatic leaves. A lovely foliage and textural plant.

From November to January it has clusters of cream-coloured, papery flowers, which can be used in dry arrangements. The flowers attract many pollinating insects and butterflies to the garden.

The lovely, woolly, silver-grey of the foliage adds colour and texture to a mixed border. They make beautiful hanging baskets.

A good plant in sun or semi-shade in well-drained soil. It is useful for planting on the south side of walls and buildings where it will tolerate afternoon shade in winter. Prune lightly to keep in shape.

Size: 30 to 50cm



Insect food plant:

Pollen rich plant that attracts many pollinating insects and in turn, insect eating birds.



Useful bedding plant for adding colour and textural contrast in the garden


The Khoisan people used it as bedding. The aromatic leaves apparently also acting as an insect / pest repellant.


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape

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