Vallisneria spiralis

Vallisneria spiralis

Common Names

straight vallisneria, tape grass, eel grass (english)


Genus Vallisneria
Species spiralis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Vallisneria spiralis


Vallisneria spiralis [= aethiopica] is a hardy, evergreen plant that grows completely submerged in water and cannot tolerate being above water.

It has long, linear leaves that can range in colour from light-green to dark-green and can grow up to 1m tall depending on the depth of the pond.

Its insignificant flowers are carried on spiral stems and often break off and float on the surface.

This plant propagates mainly by runners.

It helps oxygenate and clean the water as well as providing habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms.

Plant in a pot in a sunny to semi-shaded part of a pond, where water is no deeper than 1m.

Size: up to 1m


Aquatic Life:

Provides habitat and refuge for fish and other aquatic life amongst its leaves.

Some fish feed on the leaves.



Oxygenating plant for water features


KwaZulu Natal


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