Peddiea africana

Peddiea africana

Common Names


Genus Peddiea
Species africana
SA Plant Number 517
Basionym Peddiea africana


Peddiea africana is a fairly hardy (not frost hardy), small, slender tree or large shrub, with dark grey-brown, fibrous bark. The shiny, dark green leaves are clustered at the ends of branches. New leaves are a shiny, pale green, giving a decorative contrast of foliage on the plant.

The clusters of yellowish-green flowers (Sept. to Feb.) at the tips of the branches are a striking feature of this shade-loving plant. The glossy black fruit is relished by birds.

Leaves, flowers, fruit and bark are reputed to be very poisonous. The fibrous bark is used traditionally to make rope.

The Poison Olive is an unusual offering sought by indigenous plant collectors.

Plant as a container plant or beautiful small tree for a tiny, shady town-house garden. Add this shrub to the edge of an exclusion zone when creating a bird garden. Plant in shade or semi-shade with adequate water and lots of compost.

Size 2 to 5m



Birds love the fruit of this tree, although it is said to be very poisonous to humans.

Wildlife gardening:

A beautiful shrub or small tree for the edge of an Exclusion zone in a wildlife or bird friendly garden.



The fibrous bark is used to make rope.


The fibrous bark is used to make rope.

  • Container plant for a shady garden or patio.
  • Beautiful small tree for a tiny shade garden in a complex or town-house.
  • Decorative large shrub for planting under large shade-giving trees that are pruned up.


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Mpumalanga

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