Watsonia borbonica

Watsonia borbonica


Common Names

Suurkanol, kanolpypie (afrikaans)
Pink Watsonia (english)


Genus Watsonia
Species borbonica
SA Plant Number
Basionym Watsonia borbonica


Watsonia borbonica is a semi-hardy, deciduous (summer dormant) clump-forming plant that sends out fans of up to eight long, glossy, bright green leaves in autumn, from a large underground corm.

Magnificent, tall spikes of beautiful showy pink flowers in late winter to spring (mid July to end September) adorn the plant and command attention. Flowering stems are sometimes branched. The fruit is a capsule that splits three-ways to release the hard seeds. In the natural habitat, fire seems to increase the seed yield.

The flowers provide nectar and pollen (both before midday only) for nectar and pollen-feeding insects and birds.

Valuable garden plant as the lush clumps of leaves provide contrast and visual texture, even when the plant is not in flower. Makes an attractive, large container plant and beautiful planted en masse in the garden.

Lift and divide clumps during their dormant season (February to March) every three to five years for best flowering. Plant in compost rich, well drained, sandy soil, in full sun.

Size: flowering stem up to 2m in height.


lnsect and bird food plant:

Flowers seem to provide pollen and nectar in the morning only. This is a valuable food source particularly for bees, but also for other pollinating insects as well as birds seeking nectar.


  • Useful plant for large areas as it rapidly forms clumps.
  • Provides colour and textural contrast in the garden.
  • A stunning container plant for large containers.


Western Cape


Dry rocky hillsides, Fynbos mountainsides


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