Podocarpus henkelii

Podocarpus henkelii

Common Names

Henkelgeelhout (afrikaans)
Henkel’s Yellowwood (english)
umsonti (zulu)


Genus Podocarpus
Species henkelii
SA Plant Number 17
Basionym Podocarpus henkelii


Podocarpus henkelii is a very hardy, evergreen, large decorative, beautifully-shaped tree and is one of our best-known indigenous trees. The bark is khaki brown that, when it matures, flakes into long, thin strips which expose the attractive reddish underbark. It has long, drooping, narrow, dark-green leaves.

The female cones develop into olive-green seed that ripens in May.

Although it is quite slow-growing it does develop into a huge forest tree that is only suitable for large gardens. For small gardens plant it in a large container to limit its size. In a container, it makes a great Christmas tree when decked out in its finery.

Plant in either east- or south-facing areas as it prefers damp, cool and shady conditions. If planted as a single specimen in the middle of lawn, remove at least 1.5m diameter of lawn around the tree, as its roots cannot compete with lawn. Mulch and water well or it will not grow properly. Always mulch the soil around the trees as this it keeps the roots cool.

Size: 20 to 30m




Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal

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