Maytenus undata

Maytenus undata

Common Names

Koko Tree (english)
Kokoboom (afrikaans)
idohame (zulu)
umkokane (xhosa)
tshinembane (venda)


Genus Maytenus
Species undata
SA Plant Number 403
Basionym Maytenus undata


Maytenus undata is a very hardy, evergreen large or small tree. Its height is very variable, and depends on the area in which it is growing. The colder it is the smaller the tree. The bark is grey-brown with patches flaking off and leaving pinkish blotches.

One can tell the hardiness by the foliage form - the smaller and more leathery the leaves, the hardier the tree. The foliage is variable in size and colour from pale to dark-green and gives off a musty scent when rubbed.

It bears creamy-white flowers all summer (from September to May).

In April the tree produces black seeds covered with orange flesh that attract birds.

Makes a good garden subject or container plant and is a must for a wildlife garden.

Plant in semi-shade or sun.

Size: 1 to 6m



Good Wildlife Garden addition



Good container subject as well as taller addition to an evergreen screen


Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Eastern Cape, Western Cape

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