Kirkia wilmsii

Kirkia wilmsii

Common Names

Mountain Seringa, mountain kirkia, wild pepper tree (english)
Bergsering, wildepeperboom (afrikaans)
Modumela (n. sotho)


Genus Kirkia
Species wilmsii
SA Plant Number 269
Basionym Kirkia wilmsii


Kirkia wilmsii is a fairly hardy, deciduous, often multi-stemmed tree with beautiful, fine, feathery foliage. It has smooth grey bark with scars where the leaves were attached and is most attractive.

The autumn colours are brilliant pinks and reds that set the tree alight. The spring colours are almost as beautiful making this a great foliage and texture plant.

It has masses of small yellow flowers clustered at the ends of the branches from October to December.

It makes a lovely specimen plant but has a swollen root system full of water, which is used in times of drought. It should be kept away from paving, pools and walls as the swollen roots can cause damage.

It grows naturally in the Steelpoort valley and turns the hillsides aflame in Autumn with its fabulously coloured leaves.

Size Up to 8m




Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga


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