Crinum moorei

Crinum moorei

Common Names

Boslelie (afrikaans)
Moore’s Crinum (english)
umnduze (zulu)


Genus Crinum
Species moorei
SA Plant Number
Basionym Crinum moorei


Crinum moorei is a hardy, evergreen or semi-deciduous, very fast-growing bulb with beautiful broad, flat, bright-green leaves in a rosette on the end of a short stalk.

The long, flowering stalk carries a head of large, tubular flowers that form a beautiful umbel of pink to almost white flowers from October to January. The flowers are scented in the evening, indicating that they are moth-pollinated.

It is an important medicinal plant.

Moore’s Crinum looks lovely planted in amongst Plectranthus species as well as Weeping Anthericum or Variegated Hen and Chicks. It also makes an attractive container plant.

Plant in compost-rich soil in shade or semi-shade and water well in summer. Protect from Amaryllis caterpillar by hand removal of worms.

Size: up to 1m


Insect food plant:

Strongly scented flowers in the evening suggest that the flowers are moth pollinated.



Widely used in traditional medicine


Very beautiful addition to a shade or lightly shaded garden. Looks particularly beautiful planted with lower growing white-flowered plants such as Chlorophytum species and Anthericum saundersiae.


KwaZulu Natal; Eastern Cape


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