Haemanthus albiflos

Haemanthus albiflos


Common Names

Witpoeierkwas (afrikaans)
White Paint Brush (english)
uzeneke (zulu)
uZeneke (swazi)


Genus Haemanthus
Species albiflos
SA Plant Number
Basionym Haemanthus albiflos


Haemanthus albiflos is a hardy, evergreen, shade-loving, bulbous plant with mainly broad, glossy, green, strap-like leaves, although they are very variable and can sometimes be hairy. The upper half of the bulb is bright-green and is exposed above ground.

The beautiful ‘paintbrush’-type inflorescence is borne from April to September. It has a papery, green calyx encasing a head of many long, thin, white flowers that are yellow-tipped with pollen. The orange-red berries that follow are an attractive feature.

The pollen attracts bees and butterflies to the garden while birds love the succulent berries. It is also used in traditional medicine.

This plant makes a wonderful container plant as it likes to be pot-bound. Use as an indoor plant as well. This is a shade-loving plant and, if left undisturbed, will flower and thrive in those dark, difficult areas of the garden.

Plant in well-drained, compost-rich soil. Remember when planting out to leave the top half of the bulb exposed.

Size: 20 to 25cm


lnsect food plant:
Bees and butterflies are attracted to the pollen and nectar of this plant.

Birds love the ripe, succulent berries.



Excellent container plant, even for indoors. Good for difficult, dark spots in the garden.


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape

Natural Habitat:

Bushveld, Evergreen Forest, Thicket



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