Volkameria glabra

Volkameria glabra


Common Names

Smooth Tinderwood, Weeping Tree (english)
Tontelhout, bitterblaar, Stinkboom (afrikaans)
moswaapeba (tswana)
munukha-tshilongwe (venda)
inunkisqaqa (xhosa)
umqaqongo (zulu)


Genus Volkameria
Species glabra
SA Plant Number 667
Basionym Volkameria glabra


Volkameria glabra (=Clerodendrum glabrum)  is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, fast-growing, small tree or large shrub with a dense crown. It has shiny, dark-green leaves that are pungent when crushed.

From December to June it bears profuse, dense clusters of white to pinkish flowers that have long stamens. In some specimens the flowers are wonderfully scented, whilst in others the scent can be pungent.These are followed by tightly packed yellowish-white berries that attract birds to the garden.

An important host plant of moths and butterflies – an absolute must for a butterfly garden. The flowers also attract a whole host of pollinating insects and the nectar in the flowers is an important food source for bees.

It is extensively used for medicinal and traditional purposes.

Plant in sun or semi-shade in well-composted soil.

Size: 2 to 6m


lnsect food plant:

Important host plant for moths and butterflies, as well as providing nectar for bees and other insects.



Used extensively as a medicinal plant


Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

Along rivers and streams, Bushclumps, Coastal thicket, Evergreen Forest, Forest margin


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