Adansonia digitata

Adansonia digitata


Common Names

Baobab, Cream of Tartar tree, monkey-bread tree, lemonade tree (english)
Kremetartboom (afrikaans)
mowana (tswana)
muvhuyu (venda)
isimuku, umShimulu, isiMuhu (zulu)
ximuwu (tsonga)


Genus Adansonia
Species digitata
SA Plant Number 467
Basionym Adansonia digitata


Adansonia digitata is a fairly hardy, quintessential Bushveld tree tolerates mild cold but not very cold winds, and has survived the past 3 years here at Random Harvest. It is surprisingly short in relation to the huge circumference of the stem in old specimens.

It is the ‘upside down tree’ of legend with the branches being very thick and quite short looking more like roots than branches.Its bright-green, digitate leaves sometimes have 5, and sometimes 3 leaflets. 

It bears truly beautiful, but short lived huge, waxy white, scented flowers at night from October to December. The flowers open in the evening, ready to be pollinated mainly by fruit bats but also by many insects and other creatures that visit the flowers to assist with pollination. The petals fall off in the morning. 

These are followed by huge, egg-shaped, woody, velvety fruits that when broken open, are filled with a delicious, white, sherbety powder.There are many myths and legends associated with this tree.

Some of the huge specimens are said to be over 2000 years old. Grow them as container plants in very well-drained soil and take care not to overwater them. Alternatively try them in open ground if you have enough space.Requires a sunny or semi-shade position. 

Size: 10 to 15m





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