Acacia robusta subsp robusta

Acacia robusta subsp robusta

Common Names

Splendid Acacia (english)
Enkeldoring (afrikaans)
mokhu (tswana)
muvumba-ngwena (venda)
umngamanzi (zulu)


Genus Acacia
Species robusta subsp robusta
SA Plant Number 187
Basionym Acacia robusta subsp robusta


Acacia robusta subsp robusta (=Vachellia robusta) is a very hardy, deciduous, drought-resistant, medium to large, handsome Acacia. It is fast-growing once planted in the ground. The black bark is rough and fissured. It also has thick, robust branches and twigs hence the name robusta. It has beautiful, bright-green foliage that is borne on distinctive woody ‘cushions’.

The white sweetly-scented puffball flowers are clustered above the thorns and appear in profusion from July to October. They are the harbinger of spring and warmer days to come. The common name ‘Splendid Thorn’ is very apt; when it is in bloom with its white flowers in spring it is indeed a splendid sight.

It attracts bees and butterflies. The bark is used for tanning and the tree is also used for magical purposes. It is not fussy and will grow in most soil types.

A handsome tree for a larger garden. Plant in sun or semi-shade. 

Size: 6 to 12m



Butterflies and bees, as well as many other important pollinating insects are attracted to the flowers of the Splendid Thorn



A tanning extract is made from the bark.


North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

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